Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Hi Kathy and Andrew

Well we're a month into our journey around the globe, and we've been taking pictures of the Ace purses, as we march along. I've sent only one set of pictures to you, and that was of 3 purses in Hawaii, including the two that we own, plus one that our friend Terry Cowger owns. They were with us in Kauai, where we to the pictures. From there, Kathy and I flew down to French Polynesia, where we took a picture of our two bags, then on to New Zealand for the next shot, and just an hour ago, we took one of Kathy's purse at the Sydney Opera House, in Sydney Australia. Since I haven't heard from you, as to whether or not you got the first photos from Hawaii, I'm thinking that the size of the files that I attached may have exceeded your limit, and you didn't actually receive the pictures. So, this time, I'm sending all the photos with reduced file sizes. If that will work for you, that's fine. If you'd like the picture files to be larger, let me know.

We're having a great time, and looking forward to a lot more adventures. We'll be in Australia for another 6 plus weeks, then move on to Mongolia, China, SE Asia etc. Take care and we'll keep sending you pictures of the purses, as we move along.

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