Monday, February 21, 2011

Hi there,

I know it's been a very long time since anything was posted on this blog.

I am excited to say that we are working on a new leather piece for this year and hope to have it done soon. It will be a new addition to our "convertible bags"

Kathy and I have spent a lot of our time working this winter. We have found our customers here in the northwest are very loyal.

We are really making an effort to try and have the rest of the United States and abroad know who we are. This is a very daunting task. Most importantly if we are to stay in business we need to expand our customer base.

We are really hoping that if any of you get the time and are willing...that you go to and do the following:

  • Find the product you own on the site by doing a search in the upper left hand corner.
  • After finding your product then go to where it says "more info" on the bottom of said product.
  • Then right below where it says "add to cart" then "Tell a friend" it then says ..."WRITE A REVIEW" please click on that
  • Please if you don't mind take the time to do just that...write a review being honest be it good or be it bad and we will place it on the site for all to see.
  • It does ask you after you have clicked "write a review" on the site for a bunch of information that because of the way the site functions we can't get around but...please know that information stays with us and does not go in any way public.
  • We have worked with the company that hosts our site and tried to do it differently but just know we respect your privacy but we want your input about your experiences over the years with our products to go where others can see your input.

Thank you in advance and if it is easier please just send us an email with the subject line saying "Testimonial" and be sure to include your name, address, city, state, zip, phone and email knowing none of that information will make it to the posting but the way our site is set up we do need the information to be able to post anything on the site and if that is too much extra time for you to do if you provide us with your story, even adding any pictures you might have we will see to it that your experience is documented
Please call toll free at 1-877-327-2260 with any questions and to all of you...thanks so much: Andrew & Kathy
If you need some Island time be sure and take a peek at: If you are one of our customers already you will get treated especially well knowing you have helped us.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our Backpack Travel Twins Travel the World!

Two of our customers Howard and Kathy Knaggs spent a year, most of 2009 and I believe January of 2010 on a tour around the world. We are lucky enough to be their friends and they chose to share their trip in pictures with our Backpack Travel Twin Balanced Organizer bags in all of the wonderful places they visited on this once in a lifetime journey.Thank you for thoe thoughtfulness you guys!

The pictures are priceless and the emails are great! We can't wait to see you in Spokane, or maybe you will journey down to one of the other shows close by even sooner. Here are the emails that they sent with the photos! Wish we could have been there! As our bags seem to be far more traveled than we are (Laughing out loud)

Andrew and Kathy
Ace Leather Goods

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Hey there,

I forgot the picture that we took of Kathy and the purse in Istanbul. Actually, we'll be back to Turkey in a couple of months, but only for a day, in Ephesus.


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Hi Kathy and Andrew

We've been on the move and haven't had much of a chance to send you some more photos of our "Ace Purses on the move". So, I have attached a bunch of pictures that show the purses in various places that we've visited, more recently. We're currently in Germany until next Wednesday, when we fly to London to spend the next several weeks in the British Isles. I trust that your summer is going well. I am sure that you're both busy this time of year. Take care and we will send more pics as we continue our sojourn

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Good morning, Kathy and Andrew

We've been on the move through Asia, and haven't been sending you any pictures of the "Ace Purse on the move" So I'm attaching some additional pictures that we've been taking along the way. Unfortunately, we didn't get any good ones of the purse in action in Mongolia, but it's one place that we really enjoyed. We took a ride across the Steppes on Mongolian horses, but unfortunately, because the horses get spooked over little things, we weren't allowed to take things like purses along with us!

We are three months into the trip, and other than Kathy being sick throughout most of Vietnam, we continue to have a ball with all of this. Currently, we're in Bangkok, Thailand. We're here for a week, then moving down to the coast, to Phuket, for another two weeks before leaving Asia for Africa. Phuket is our "down time" place, where we'll spend some quality time planning Europe in more detail. So far, we have flights up to our arrival (the 2nd time) in continental Europe, but so far we don't have our tickets home.

Hopefully, Spring is finally starting back there. It sounds like it's been a really long winter for you all. In truth, that sounds pretty good, considering that it's in the mid-90's here, with humidity to match! Oh well, we're working our way through it.

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Hi Kathy and Andrew

Well we're a month into our journey around the globe, and we've been taking pictures of the Ace purses, as we march along. I've sent only one set of pictures to you, and that was of 3 purses in Hawaii, including the two that we own, plus one that our friend Terry Cowger owns. They were with us in Kauai, where we to the pictures. From there, Kathy and I flew down to French Polynesia, where we took a picture of our two bags, then on to New Zealand for the next shot, and just an hour ago, we took one of Kathy's purse at the Sydney Opera House, in Sydney Australia. Since I haven't heard from you, as to whether or not you got the first photos from Hawaii, I'm thinking that the size of the files that I attached may have exceeded your limit, and you didn't actually receive the pictures. So, this time, I'm sending all the photos with reduced file sizes. If that will work for you, that's fine. If you'd like the picture files to be larger, let me know.

We're having a great time, and looking forward to a lot more adventures. We'll be in Australia for another 6 plus weeks, then move on to Mongolia, China, SE Asia etc. Take care and we'll keep sending you pictures of the purses, as we move along.