Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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Good morning, Kathy and Andrew

We've been on the move through Asia, and haven't been sending you any pictures of the "Ace Purse on the move" So I'm attaching some additional pictures that we've been taking along the way. Unfortunately, we didn't get any good ones of the purse in action in Mongolia, but it's one place that we really enjoyed. We took a ride across the Steppes on Mongolian horses, but unfortunately, because the horses get spooked over little things, we weren't allowed to take things like purses along with us!

We are three months into the trip, and other than Kathy being sick throughout most of Vietnam, we continue to have a ball with all of this. Currently, we're in Bangkok, Thailand. We're here for a week, then moving down to the coast, to Phuket, for another two weeks before leaving Asia for Africa. Phuket is our "down time" place, where we'll spend some quality time planning Europe in more detail. So far, we have flights up to our arrival (the 2nd time) in continental Europe, but so far we don't have our tickets home.

Hopefully, Spring is finally starting back there. It sounds like it's been a really long winter for you all. In truth, that sounds pretty good, considering that it's in the mid-90's here, with humidity to match! Oh well, we're working our way through it.

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